Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: Don Jr. Meeting Has Badly Hurt Credibility of Trump Administration


As the Senior Politics Editor at Fox News, Chris Stirewalt has developed a reputation for delivering opinions and analysis that sometimes flout the predictable talking points one might expect during opinion programming on Fox News prime time. And today was a good example of Stirewalt’s iconoclast status at Fox News.

Amid a firestorm of news surrounding Donald Trump, Jr.‘s meeting with a Russian lawyer, Stirewalt laid bare just how bad this news has been for the political standing of the Trump administration, which stands in stark difference to much of the “nothing-burger” and the “there is no there, there”  defenses put forth by many of Stirewalt’s colleagues.

Also interesting about this clip is the on-screen chyron that announces a “Another Person Accompanied in Russian Meeting.” This in reference to an NBC News report that there was at least one more individual in the Don Jr. meeting who has been reported to be a former Soviet counter intelligence officer. Despite the chyron, this was not mentioned on-air as neither Fox News nor CNN have yet confirmed the NBC News report.

As we have noted earlier, Fox News’ support of the Trump administration is absolutely key to Trump keeping his base of supporters content, and also very important for GOP congressmen running for reelection in the coming mid-term election.

Stirewalt dropping tough critiques like this, along with fellow conservative thought-leader Charles Krauthammer coming down on Team Trump, is something worth noting and could spell the start of a turning tide for Fox News coverage.

Watch the clip above courtesy of Fox News.

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