Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: ‘Not Even Our Sniveling Congress’ Will Allow Trump to Declare a State of Emergency


“Not even our sniveling Congress” is going to allow President Trump to declare a state of emergency over the southern border wall funding, says Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt.

Speaking with Dana Perino earlier today, Stirewalt described the current government shutdown as a self-interest ploy to keep the President’s base engaged and distract from other bad headlines like Robert Mueller‘s Russia investigation and market failures.

“When this is the story, Mueller is not the story,” Stirewalt said. “When this is the story, economic chaos is not the story. It is an area that he can live with. It’s the kind of chaos he likes to control part of it. It is working for him in that way.”

The shutdown is “good for Trump,” according to Stirewalt, who believes even Congress, which has been deliberately sabotaging itself for the past several decades, will not allow it to continue in his benefit.

“I take a back seat to no man or woman alive in my condemnation of our sniveling Congress,” said Stirewalt. “But not even our sniveling Congress, not even this Congress is going to let the President start declaring states of emergency. By the way, they’re also not going to let him have Cabinet level officials unconfirmed for their current jobs by the Senate. That can’t persist either. At a certain point, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn and that crew in Congress is going to say, here’s the road block.”

And that will work for Trump’s benefit too, Stirewalt says, because then the President can use that to claim he is fighting with the establishment.

As of this posting, this is the third-longest government shutdown in United States history.

You can watch the video above, via Fox News.

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