Fox News’ Chris Stirewalt: Trump is Gonna Fly Into NATO ‘Like a Seagull’ and ‘Defecate All Over Everything’


On Tuesday night, Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt shared his thoughts about President Donald Trump‘s trip to the upcoming NATO summit.

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream had Stirewalt react to Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) expressing concern over a potential “bad NATO meeting” and that a “consolation” is given to Russian President Vladimir Putin afterwards.

Stirewalt had one message for congressional Republicans.

“Quit kidding yourselves,” Stirewalt told the GOP. “You will not stop Donald Trump from undermining NATO… and you will not stop him from realigning U.S. Foreign policy to be more favorable towards Russia. He is going to do it.”

Stirewalt then painted quite a picture with the following analogy.

“And the Republicans who say, ‘Well, we have a broad foreign policy apparatus and we forced him to impose these sanctions and we forced him to do these things,’ he’s going to fly into Brussels like a seagull,” Stirewalt continued. “He is going to defecate all over everything, squawk and fly away is what he’s going to do in Brussels.”

“Oh no,” Shannon Bream reacted.

“And the Europeans are going to continue to say to each other, ‘We don’t have a reliable partner in the U.S. government right now. We don’t think this is really a working relationship plus we have a trade were going with them,'” Stirewalt added. “The president will succeed, whether it’s temporary or lasting, realigning U.S. foreign policy away from Europe and toward Moscow. It’s going to happen and Republicans like Corker better quit kidding themselves that they have a tether on this guy.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.


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