Fox News’ Chris Wallace: It Was ‘A Little Bit Moving’ Seeing Trump and Kim Jong Un Say Goodbye


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace weighed in on the summit between President Trump and North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un live from Singapore.

Wallace agreed with The Heritage Foundation’s Jim Carafano‘s assertion that much of the meeting between the two leaders was “baked” beforehand, meaning much of what was discussed and signed was figured out days if not weeks before the summit took place.

“There was a level of preparation here that had not generally been considered, particularly by the critics of this president,” Wallace told Ed Henry.

The panel discussion was disrupted by a live shot of Trump and Kim Jong Un giving each other one last handshake before parting ways from the summit. And Wallace drew some significance from that moment as well as comparing the two of them to President Reagan and Soviet Union President Gorbachev.

“Yes, there will be negotiations, and yes the experts will get together, but I don’t think that you can understate the importance of the meetings that these two men are gonna have and they’re going to be differences,” Wallace said. “And the bureaucracies are gonna go in and the U.S. Arms Control people will say, ‘you got to do this,’ and the North Koreans who have had decades of resistance, well say, ‘absolutely not,’ and if this is going to move forward, it’s going to be sheer force of all of these two men. So it was kind of a striking, it seemed to me, and a little bit moving, to see them say goodbye after their brief summit in Singapore. They’re gonna have to get back together to keep the momentum rolling here.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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