Fox News’ Chris Wallace: Trump Gave Dems a ‘Gift’ With Health Care Pivot, Republicans ‘Scratching Their Heads’


Fox News’ Chris Wallace said this afternoon that President Donald Trump gave Democrats a “gift” with his comments this week about wanting to strike down Obamacare.

Wallace noted how Republicans are concerned about this move, bringing up reporting on how some elected GOP officials are reacting before saying “a lot of Republicans [are] scratching their heads.”

Ed Henry asked about the likelihood of a “middle ground” with both parties working together on health care. Wallace said, “Absolutely not before 2020.”

One of the problems, he added, is how strongly Trump has talked about the issue:

“I completely agree with you a lot of ways you could have attacked Medicare for all and you could see Nancy Pelosi saying, ‘Well, that’s just an aspirational plan, we’re not really talking about it.’ In fact, the House Democratic health care plan was about improving Obamacare, not Medicare for all. But the president, again, gave them this gift by saying he wants to strike down Obamacare. So they don’t have to defend Medicare for All anymore, all they have to do is say they’re for Obamacare… So in a sense, he’s made it easier for at least the moderates, the centrists, and the mainstream of the House Democratic leadership, Nancy Pelosi, say we’re not going to focus on Medicare for all, we’re going to focus on saving Obamacare.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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