Fox News Columnist: World Leaders Mocked Trump Because He ‘Dominates the Show’


Fox News columnist Liz Peek claimed on Stuart Varney’s Varney & Co., Tuesday, that world leaders have been mocking President Donald Trump because he “dominates the show,” and they wish they were in his shoes.

“I think they’re extremely uncomfortable around our president because he comes over there and he dominates the show,” Peek proclaimed. “Which of those foreign leaders would not happily change place with Donald Trump, with his economy, and yes, in fact, his rising approval ratings?”

“The truth is the president has led to a moment in NATO where they have to reassess their commitments. They have to reassess their commitments to each other and to the organization. I think they kind of can’t believe that after 40 years an American president has finally got this done,” she declared, adding, “Are they laughing at him? In the same way, possibly, you and I laugh when he says something that is hilarious, and he is hilarious a good deal of the time.”

“And it’s unexpected. And yes, he says something unexpected and the people who work for them their jaws do drop because they’re never quite sure what’s gonna come out next,” Peek concluded. “But the sum total of all that disruption, of all that discomfort, is that NATO is having to face a lot of important and serious questions and he is totally right to hold their feet to the fire.”

Video from the NATO summit reception, which appeared online this week, showed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and French President Emmanuel Macron supposedly laughing at President Trump.

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