Fox News Confirms Meeting With White House; Truce Reached?

white_flag_surrenderMediaite has confirmed a meeting between Fox News and the White House took place today, and an FNC spokesperson emphasized it was private.

Details of the meeting and terms of any agreement are still emerging, but we hear the meeting was to come to a “truce” between both sides – a point first reported by FishbowlDC.

Mediaite hears the meeting was between FNC Senior Vice President Michael Clemente and White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in Gibbs’ office at the White House. Clemente then met with the FNC D.C. bureau.

Earlier today U.S. News & World Report wrote, “‘They’re still at it,’ says a senior Obama aide, who adds that White House officials don’t expect to fire another shot in the battle unless Fox strikes first.”

We’ve reached out to the White House for comment as well.

The entire White House vs. Fox News feud has been getting heavy coverage (here and elsewhere) as it has evolved all month. So now what? Will Glenn Beck stop saying Van Jones? Will Sean Hannity stop talking about Kevin Jennings? We’ll see.

If this supposed “truce” is anything like that last big FNC supposed “truce” – the NBC feud – it probably won’t last long before both sides are firing back again.

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