Fox News Contributor Blames Judges Who Tossed Trump Election Lawsuits For ‘Chaos That Ensued’


Fox News Contributor and National Review editor Deroy Murdock said Federal judges who tossed out lawsuits filed on behalf of the Trump campaign are responsible for the “chaos that ensued.”

During a CPAC panel discussion that focused on allegations of voter fraud and the 2020 general election, Murdock was asked why dozens of federal judges, many of whom were appointed by Trump, tossed out lawsuits filed on behalf of the Trump campaign, many for lack of standing. And in Murdock’s esteem, there was significant legal chaos that followed as a result.

“I think the judges didn’t want to get involved,” he said, and that “they didn’t do their jobs,”  which earned applause from the assembled audience. He then compared their inactions to a home plate umpire during the bottom of the ninth inning of a seventh game of the World Series who refused to call a game-winning slide at home plate.

“Rather than me making a good call or bad call, he doesn’t make a call, and what happens, the fans in the stands start fighting with each other, and chaos ensues,” he continued.

“The Supreme Court did this when they did not involve the Texas case,” he explained. “They should have heard the case that should have heard the evidence. I think, even if they’d heard the evidence, even if they made a decision with which we disagree with all the way all people say, well, at least we had our day in court.”

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