Fox News Contributor: Genius Trump Has Forced Liberals Into ‘Defending Pornography’

Rachel Campos-Duffy of Fox News might have just revealed President Donald Trump‘s master strategy to put liberals on the defensive, which is – to be very, very generous – a creative way of seeing things.

Appearing on Fox Business Network Duffy, who made her name as a contestant on The Real World, addressed Rudy Giuliani‘s disparaging comments about Stormy Daniels. Trump’s lawyer claimed this week that he did not respect Daniels because of her work in the porn industry.

In comments Friday morning, Trump — who is alleged to have cheated on his third wife Melania with the porn star in question — seemed to agree with his lawyer’s assessment.

“This whole conversation has put liberals on the [back foot],” Campos-Duffy concluded. “They’re now defending pornography. Many pundits are defending pornography as a respectable institution. Talk about putting liberals off-kilter, I mean, they’re defending MS-13 and pornography thanks to Trump.”

The thinking presumably goes: Trump allegedly cheated on his wife with a porn star and then paid her for her silence and is now getting sued by that same porn star… all to force liberals into defending porn stars. Genius.

Host Maria Bartiromo may not have agreed as she uncomfortably cut into Campos-Duffy’s comments to go to commercial.

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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