Fox News Contributor Lawrence Jones Says He Faced Racist Taunts From Protestors at ‘Impeach Trump’ Rally


Fox News contributor Lawrence Jones allegedly faced racist taunts this weekend as he covered an anti-Trump rally in New York City.

Jones’ segment aired on Sean Hannity’s show Monday night, during which, the Fox host said two rally attendees approached him and “told him to go back to Fox News where there is ‘more cotton for you to pick.'” Here’s how the incident was described on the Fox News website:

According to a Fox News producer at the scene, two men walked up to Jones near the end of the rally and told him to go back to Fox News “where there’s more cotton for you to pick.”

The producer said he asked one of the men: “What did you just say?” When the man made the same comment, the producer asked if he “was really going to say that,” to which the man responded: “I sure am.”

Jones didn’t have video to show from that encounter, but Hannity turned to another moment of the rally where Jones got a man on tape saying “He’ll tell you to go back to Kenya next.”

“You said what now?” Jones asked.

“He’ll tell you ‘go back to Kenya’ next,” the man repeated.

Given Trump’s extensive history of pushing birtherism, the man could have been referencing the racist conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born in Kenya as a jab at Jones for supporting Trump. Jones did not tie the incident to Trump’s birtherism, however, instead describing it as such:

“So often those of us that are on the right are painted as the racist people, the hateful people. I was just asking these people simple questions about if they felt like the president should be impeached or not. These guys come up to me and they say, go back to Fox News to pick cotton. They say, go back to Kenya. This is who these people are, but I doubt many people in the media are going to condemn these people.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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