Fox News Contributor Lisa Boothe: Dems Say Trump is a Bigot, But Obama Stood Next to Farrakhan


It didn’t take Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe very long to take a discussion on Monday about President Donald Trump’s bigotry and turn it back on Democrats.

Boothe was on Outnumbered Overtime to discuss whether Congressman Joaquin Castro was out of line when he recently named and shamed Trump donors in his district. As Boothe lamented that Trump’s donors were endangered by Castro’s list, she pivoted to make the argument that “the left has no moral high ground.”

“They called President Trump a racist and a bigot, we’ve looked at President Obama standing side by side with Louis Farrakhan, a guy that said that Jews are termites. You have people like Elizabeth Warren kissing the sharp of Al Sharpton, whose been known as a race-baiter. You have the Left stand in solitary behind Representatives [Ilhan] Omar and [Rashida] Tlaib who have been accused by their own party of anti-Semitism. So I think what this shows is the Left tries to act like they have try to act like they have some kind of the moral high ground, but they don’t.”

The conversation continued with Boothe and Brad Gerstman debating whether it’s appropriate to “weaponize” private donations or paint all Trump voters as racist.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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