Fox News Contributor: Media Hates Omarosa Because She’s a Minority Who Supports Trump


Fox News contributor Rachel Campos-Duffy has a theory as to why many in the media have reacted so gleefully to Omarosa Manigualt’s dramatic ouster from the White House.

Manigault, a former reality TV star who served as director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison in President Donald Trump’s administration, was dumped resigned this week, according to her account.

Reports, however, suggest otherwise, with many claiming Manigault was fired by Chief of Staff John Kelly, who had long bristled at her high-drama antics.

Manigault made a name for herself as the arch-villain on Trump’s reality show The Apprentice, and reportedly took up that role in the White House, with reports indicating that her antics inspired hatred from her colleagues.

“I will say that the animus of the media, the way the media has jumped in,” Campos-Duffy said on Fox & Friends Friday morning.

“Why do they hate her?!” a perplexed Steve Doocy exclaimed.

After pointing out that Manigault is a former Democrat, Campos-Duffy explained that the Apprentice star supported Trump in the 2016 election, and “there is a very special punishment for minorities who are either conservatives, or now Trump supporters.”

And then, Campos-Duffy checked the privilege of white Trump supporters: “If you’re a Trump supporter and you think you’ve had it bad, imagine being Hispanic or Black — the punishment from the media is so much worse.”

After that, Doocy queued up a video of various commentators reveling in Manigault’s firing — though omitted from the montage was Laura Ingraham’s Fox News interview with Sean Spicer, in which the two mocked Manigault.

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