Fox News Correspondent’s Male Blow-Up Doll Stars In Auto Segment


Who knew Fox News’ automobile reports could be so fun? Auto correspondent Gary Gastelu took the audience on a ride to try out a new Mercedes device to make driving a convertible more comfortable. In the process, he needed to bring along a backseat passenger but, apparently failing to find a live human being, he brought his ’70s superstar male blow-up doll along for the ride.

The device, designed to keep the wind for hindering vision or tussling hair at high speeds, seems to work fine for the driver, Gastelu explains, but “it’s really the backseat drivers that ‘get the shaft.'” If you know what he means.

At this point, he introduces us to his nameless friend, a hairy, inexplicably shirtless blow-up doll that seems to be some sort of hybrid of Ron Jeremy and Franklin Delano Bluth. The doll goes for a backseat ride (…if you know what I mean) with Gastelu to test out this device. It seems to work for certain speeds, but after about 50 miles per hour or so, he seems uncomfortable as his hair flutters violently in the wind and his Fox News cap precariously holds on to the few remaining strands of artificial hair it can. More uncomfortable? The anchors in the studio, who seem to want to bring up the awkwardness– one has to wonder whether the whole thing wasn’t just a prank on them. But they know better than to ask questions; instead, they’re “just going to keep my mouth shut. My producers told me to.”

The confusing auto segment via Fox News below:

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