comScore Dana Perino: Trump Tax Cut Was 'For the Rich'

Fox News’ Dana Perino Makes Case Against Trump Economy: Tax Cut Was ‘For the Rich’


Fox News anchor Dana Perino argued on The Five that Democrats have a strong economic case against President Donald Trump’s economic agenda, prompting co-host Greg Gutfeld to jokingly tell her to stop talking.

After saying Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the “intellectual leader of the left,” Perino argued that while her ideas are “bad,” the “Democrats have a good point on the economic argument against President Trump.”

“The way you hear them frame it — and I think the Republicans better pay attention to this — it’s that the tax cut was for the rich. It absolutely helped the rich, look at the stock market,” Perino said. “Look at what the companies did, they bought stock back, they didn’t reinvest. You have billionaires that are wealthier, you have wages that have only gone up 2%.”

“Knock it off Dana!” Gutfeld cried.

“They have a way to make an economic argument against President Trump and the Republicans better pay attention,” Perino added.

“We love when you give advice to Democrats, Dana,” Jesse Watters joked.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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