Fox News’ Dana Perino Presses John Kerry on if He Told Iran to Wait Out Trump Presidency


Former secretary of state John Kerry gave an interview to Fox News’ Dana Perino today, where he was asked about reports that he has been speaking with Iranian officials in an attempt to salvage the nuclear deal.

The Fox host asked Kerry about the reports, which hold Kerry is reassuring Iranian officials that President Donald Trump will be out of office in 2020.

Kerry didn’t exactly deny it, saying “everybody in the world is sitting around talking about waiting out President Trump.”

Perino tried to press Kerry further, though he maintained the idea applies to other diplomatic policies beyond the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

“Let me be crystal clear: When I met with the Iranians, the policies of the United States was still to be in the Iran deal because the president had not decided and not pulled out. Secondly, every former secretary of state continues to meet with foreign leaders, goes to security conferences, goes around the world. We all do that, and we have conversations with people about the state of affairs in the world in order to understand them. We don’t negotiate. We are not involved in interfering with policy, but we certainly have reasonable discussions about nuclear weapons, the world, China, different policies.”

Perino then asked for Kerry’s thoughts about the Democratic Party’s current platform. This consisted of Kerry advising against calls to abolish ICE or impeaching Trump without allowing Robert Mueller to finish his investigation first.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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