Fox News’ David Asman: Paul Ryan May Be ‘Looking to the Presidency in 2024’


In light of House Speaker Paul Ryan announcing that he is not seeking e-election this November, Fox Business Network veteran David Asman theorized about the lawmaker’s “presidential aspirations” in 2024.

While the FBN anchor’s claims appear to be just wishful thinking — especially considering that Asman pitched a Ryan presidential run in the same drooling tone he used when discussing ex-stripper Anna Benson’s “sexy poses” on-air — he seems to be sold on the idea.

“It’s all about 2024,” claimed the anchor while appearing as the “one lucky guy” on Fox News’ Outnumbered.

“I think Paul Ryan has always wanted to put on a national level the kind of things he’s doing for his individual constituents right now,” added Asman — a big fan of the GOP tax cut and personal advocate for “the one percent.”

He continued by saying the speaker, who is “looking to the presidency in 2024,” will work with “something to do with public policy” to prepare for the next, next presidential race.

“There was speculation about four weeks ago when Bill Gates came to Washingtion — that maybe he was gonna be working be working for the Gates Foundation. Also, speculation that he’d be working for AEI,” he added. “So, he’ll probably be focused on public policy issues but from a non elected position, and then work his way back into a race on a national level — maybe even before 2020.”

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