comScore Marc Siegel Rips World Health Org: ‘Alarmists’ and ‘Saber Rattlers’

Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel Rips the World Health Organization’s Coronavirus Response: ‘Bunch Of Alarmists’ and ‘Saber Rattlers’

Fox News Contributor Doctor Marc Siegel on Bill Hemmer Reports Friday afternoon stated that The World Health Organization, in light of their warnings regarding the spreading deadly novel coronavirus are nothing more than a bunch of “alarmists” and “saber rattlers.”

Fox News host Bill Hemmer began the segment by stating to the doctor duo, “There is a quote from the head of the World Health Organization today. He said this is not a drill, this is a time for pulling out all the stops.”

“Is that a fair statement or is that an alarmist?” Hemmer asked.

Doctor Irwin Redlener started by answering to Hemmer, “It’s not a drill. We do have a pandemic. But I don’t know what pulling out all the stops means. We are doing people whatever they can. Some countries are more limited than others.”

Redlener further stated that he doesn’t know what the remarks from The World Health Organization “add to the equation right now.”

Dr. Siegel then stated that The World Health Organization who is leading the global fight against the deadly virus are merely a ” bunch of alarmists and saber ratters.”

“I would add to that they are a bunch of alarmists and saber ratters keep throwing out death rate 3.4%. Let’s look at South Korea, an organized country where they have been screening everyone, well over 100,000, now over 200,000 people. They found about 6,000 cases,” Siegel stated.

Siegel added, “Deaths a little bit less than 30, that’s a 0.7% death rate in an organized society with a great health care system. Guess what that reminds me of — influenza. Maybe slightly more percentage-wise than influenza.”

Watch above, via Fox News.


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