Fox News’ Ed Henry Praises Trump’s ‘Leadership’: ‘He Stepped Up To the Plate Tonight’

Fox News’s Ed Henry applauded President Trump for his speech announcing further military action in Afghanistan.

Filling in for Jesse Watters on The Five, Henry started off by insisting Trump’s rhetoric about “actually winning this war” is a “big deal.”

“Here’s the bottom line, one word: leadership,” Henry stated. “He stepped up to the plate tonight. He had a rough week last week and he said ‘I am going to show leadership.'”

Henry then said that Trump admitted that he was essentially “flip-flopping” from his campaign promise of pulling out of the Middle East and that it “was not easy.”

“But he said, ‘Look, I got behind that desk in the Oval Office and I was elected to make tough decisions,'” Henry continued. “This is a tough decision, but he kept on using the other word, not just ‘leadership’ — ‘win. We are going to win.'”

The Fox News correspondent did call the speech “fuzzy” for the lack of details and that the country should have “some sort of a blueprint” beyond “‘we’re gonna kill terrorists.'”

“However, big picture here is: this was a big leadership moment for him. He stepped up to the plate big-time,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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