Fox News’ Ed Henry Questions Kyle Kashuv on Past Comments: You Typed the N-Word 11 Times


Parkland student Kyle Kashuv’s admission to Harvard was rescinded over comments he made when he was 16 that came to light, including one message in which he repeatedly typed out the n-word.

Kashuv posted a Twitter thread this morning on Harvard’s decision and his attempt to appeal it, saying, “Harvard deciding that someone can’t grow, especially after a life-altering event like the shooting, is deeply concerning.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry spoke with Kashuv tonight and asked, “What were you thinking?”

Kashuv said the posts were in a friend group where they would “say the most shocking” or extreme thing for the sake of shock value, reiterating that he is “extremely sorry” and that he knows he can’t take it back.

“I know that forgiveness isn’t given, it’s earned,” Kashuv said. “The person who wrote those things is not who I am today.”

Henry asked, “How do we know that? You certainly sound heartfelt, but you want to get something––you want to get into Harvard or get into another school. And how do we know that you’re not just saying ‘I didn’t mean it’?

Kashuv said as a public figure he has spoken out against racism and hatred and said the alt-right has come after him as a result.

Henry brought up the aforementioned post and said, “You typed the n-word 11 times in a row.” Fox News ran the censored graphic on screen as Henry again said, “In one text you used it 11 times. Where does that come from?”

Kashuv said it was clearly “indefensible and wrong,” noting how he made anti-Semitic jokes even though he himself is Jewish. “Clearly that’s not indicative of who I am,” he said.

In both his tweets and on Fox News Monday night, Kashuv brought up Harvard’s own background and how it was founded by slaveowners and has a history of racism and sexism.

“I don’t think mistakes make you irredeemable, as Harvard showed for me,” Kashuv said.

Henry said, “You’re mentioning that they had slaveowners in the 1600s. You using the n-word was, what, a year, a year and a half ago?”

Kashuv said, “Two years ago.”

“Two years ago,” Henry said. “A little more recent. I go back to my first question. How do we know you’ve really changed?… You went through an awful tragedy in Florida and have been hailed by some––and you should be––for your poise going through a tragedy I can’t even imagine. But what specifically has changed in you in the last two years that you would no longer write the n-word or say the n-word?”

Kashuv said he’s “matured tremendously” since then and that he’s grown from the time when he and his friends acted “like idiotic children.”

“I never, quite frankly, wanted to be in this position,” he continued. “I’m not an entertainer, I’m not an actor, I’m a kid who went through a tragedy, who saw the suffering that his community went through and doesn’t want to see it for any other community.”

You can watch the interview above, via Fox News.

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