REPORT: Fox News’ Eric Bolling in Conversations to be Part of Trump Administration

bollingAccording to Politico, Fox News host Eric Bolling is in talks with the incoming Trump administration about a possible position with the Department of Commerce.

Bolling was spotted at Trump Tower on Wednesday and may have also visited with Trump on Friday. He told the publication that he couldn’t confirm anything and that he was sure they’d understand.

Prior to working for Fox News, Bolling was a commodities trader and was on the board of directors of the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Bolling was one of Trump’s earliest and biggest boosters at Fox News. He battled with #NeverTrump conservatives throughout the campaign, telling them that a vote for someone other than Trump was a vote for Hillary Clinton.

The Five host also regularly defended the President-elect, especially when it came to highlighting the differences between Trump and Clinton. Following the election, he talked about how much BS he had to take for being so bullish on Trump.

Fox News said they had nothing further to add and spokespeople for Trump did not provide comment.

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