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Fox News Features Illegal Border-Crossing Footage In ‘Hispanic Vote In 2012’ Segment

The liberal blog ThinkProgress has flagged an unfortunate screen grab from a Fox News segment on “The Hispanic Vote In 2012” which marries that caption with file footage of immigrants making an apparently illegal border crossing. With growing support in the Republican Party (and even on Fox) for a more attractive stance on immigration reform, TP thought Fox News’ editorial choice in this case constituted a “hit” to that effort. The full segment was actually a rather thoughtful panel discussion of immigration’s place in the 2012 election, which only made the choice stick out like a sore thumb.

Happening Now host Jenna Lee began the segment by talking about former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s recent remarks about the Hispanic vote’s part in his defeat, blaming it on “gifts” from President Obama. Lee introduced the segment over file footage of (presumably Latino) people voting. So far, so good. The segment continues for several minutes without using any file footage to dress it up, but then, as Republican strategist Mercedes Schlapp talks about the critical role immigration plays with Latino voters, the shot switches to file footage of people in the desert with makeshift water containers, who then run for cover from the camera.

It’s a jarring contrast, and a poor match for the subject matter being discussed, and is an effective symbol for the challenge facing Republicans: it takes more than good intentions and a good script to reverse currents that run this deep.

Here’s the clip, from Fox News:

(h/t Wonkette)

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