Fox News First to Cut Away from Benghazi Hearing as CNN, MSNBC Continue Live Coverage


fox hillaryOne of the reasons Benghazi bubbled into a huge Obama administration scandal is because of Fox News, so it might surprise you to learn that of the three big cable news networks, Fox News was the first to cut away from today’s hearing.

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox had all covered the the first two segments of the hearing live. After a second short break, the committee reconvened at 5 pm. CNN and MSNBC went back to covering it live. Fox News showed video of the committee getting back to business, but the audio was muted as the hosts of The Five provided their analysis of the hearing thus far.

They spent a lot of time analyzing the hearings, with two segments devoted to other topics like the election and the hacker who obtained the CIA director’s emails.

And, well, plenty of people noticed they cut away from live coverage:

Now, in fairness, Fox News did continue to run its online live stream, as Greta Van Susteren told two people who complained on Twitter:

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