Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera: ‘Crazy Mass Murdering Fiend’ was ‘Motivated by the Immigration Crisis’


Geraldo Rivera appeared on Fox & Friends Friday morning to react to the mass shooting at a mosque in New Zealand that left nearly 50 people dead, emphasizing the motivation behind the “white nationalist” attacker.

“These are sitting ducks, people who are praying,” Rivera said, comparing the attack to the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting and the Sutherland Springs church shooting. “They are targets that have no defense.”

“The manifesto seems to indicate this particular crazy mass murdering fiend was motivated by the immigration crisis. He said he is a white nationalist,” he said. “This was a butcher out to get a butcher’s bill.”

Rivera added that such shooters desire “self-exultation” and “see human life as just a set piece, scenery for their social media.”

“White genocide, he invokes, immigration killing us, President Trump is a symbol of renewal of white identity, all sick stuff,” Rivera said, adding he’s “so glad the president and the White House have so strongly condemned him.”

“These people are — they’re the spit at the bottom of your shoe. These are horrible horrible people that would invoke any cause to perpetrate these massacres that have no place in the human existence.”

The Fox News correspondent also questioned the police response to the shooting. “I wonder what took 17 minutes for the New Zealand cops — who are often unarmed, by the way — to respond to this scene,” he asked.

Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade added that “the whole population” of New Zealand is unarmed.

“I would never have people in one place like that vulnerable without somebody with a gun to protect them,” Rivera said. “They are too vulnerable.”

New Zealand’s gun laws were tightened in 1990, after a massacre killed thirteen people, including two six-year-old children. They remain more relaxed than Australia’s gun laws, and according to reports there are some 1.5 million guns in New Zealand, one for every three people.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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