Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Teases Jesse Watters Over Dominican Republic Speculation: ‘Are You Auditioning for InfoWars?’


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld joked that his fellow panel member Jesse Watters was “auditioning for Infowars” after he alleged on The Five on Tuesday that the string of U.S. tourist deaths in the Dominican Republic is part of a conspiracy by a competing island to damage the Caribbean nation’s tourism industry.

“I found out today that someone perished at Hotel Excellence, the very place I stayed in November. This really is hitting home to me personally,” Watters said. “My theory is… Caribbean sabotage: another island that’s competing for tourism dollars, perhaps it’s Puerto Rico. I’m not going to name names.”

Gutfeld replied by noting Watters “just named names,” which led to his co-host doubling down on the wild claims.

“A saboteur has infiltrated some of these hotels in order to swing some of the tourism dollars back to their island,” Watters continued. “Also they share a border with Haiti. To say the least that’s not a very great place right now.”

Before he could tack onto his theory, Gutfeld asked if there is “anybody else you want to smear?” Watters responded by doing just that, calling the deaths “very suspicious” and suggesting the “Dominican Republican government is in on this because they are involved in the cover-up.”

“Are you auditioning for InfoWars?!” Gutfeld shot back.

“There are theories that are abounding about this drama, Greg,” Watters explained. “I’m sharing them as a concerned host.”

Co-host Dana Perino suggested the former O’Reilly Factor star might be “having a phantom sickness from last December when he went to The Excellence.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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