Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett: Obama Headed To Ohio To Campaign For 2012?

President Obama is visiting Columbus, Ohio this weekend, and construction workers close to where Obama is to speak are angry that his presence means a forced day off with no pay. Certainly not another problem the president needs on his plate, but what exactly is Obama doing in Ohio, anyway? The story is he’s campaigning for Governor Ted Strickland, but Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett suspects it’s a completely different campaign he’s rallying for.

Jarrett suspects that the frequent visits to Ohio, always an important swing state and suspected to be even more so in 2012, are proto-campaign trips intended to keep the President’s reelection bid in mind. Especially in light of his approval numbers, he may need the begin early, although openly campaigning before midterms is almost unheard of. “Why is the president visiting Ohio fairly often?” he asks reporter Steve Brown. “Is it in truth perhaps about a reelection bid?”

Brown responds that there are people who say that the trips are “obviously about 2012,” especially considering that there have been eight trips there in recent times and that Obama is predicted to have more trouble in swing states– especially Midwestern ones– in 2012 than he did in 2008. Even if he isn’t explicitly campaigning, Brown and Jarrett continued, it is pivotal for the Obama reelection campaign to have a Democratic governor in Ohio to help with organization and on-the-ground strategy, as well as set the tone for voters in the state.

Video below:

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