Fox News Guest Calls Out Candace Owens to Her Face: She’s Getting Her ’15 Minutes of Fame’


A Fox News guest lambasted Turning Point USA’s Candace Owens for getting her 15 minutes of fame during a Congressional hearing — and he did it right to her face.

It all happened during a segment that started out with Laura Ingraham praising Owens for slashing the narrative of Democrats during her testimony in the moment that Ingraham insisted went viral.

Owens responded by saying people on the right “felt vindicated” by her testimony.

Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell, though, just wasn’t buying it.

Here is what he said:

Right now, Candace Owens is getting 15 minutes of fame, and give me 30 seconds to prove my point. She just again assumed that all Democrats are hoping that black people fail. On her interview with C-SPAN, she said the word nationalism has been compromised or poisoned by elitists. Tell much of the people in Charlottesville. She then tried to put yourself in the same category of Donald Trump, talking about the false narrative. But the part that was so insulting, she was promoting her employer and saying that she went to Jerusalem and not a single Democrat went there. Miss Owens, let me tell you, 72% of Jewish America voted for Democrats. So you did a great job of promoting yourself and playing the victim. And by the way, its not just black people who are not stupid by what you said. Americans are not stupid. I listen to everything you just said, and I hope you can challenge what I set about the number of blacks, the number of Jews who support Democrats, but you did a good job marketing yourself today, putting yourself in the same boat as the president. Good job, Candace.

“That’s a personal attack,” Owens replied when Terrell was done.

“You are attacking her character,” Ingraham added.

“That was an ad hominem attack and it was childish and I’m not going to play these playground tactics with you,” Owens snapped back. “I’m going to keep the focus on black America and the things actually impacting us. This is an adult conversation that needs to be had.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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