Fox News Guest: NAACP Supports Minimum Wage Laws That ‘Disproportionately Harm Black Workers’

With the recent news that the NAACP supports President Obama’s call for same-sex marriage as a civil right, Fox News’ Kelly Wright asked Wall Street Journal editorial board member Jason Riley to help parse the decision. The NAACP, he concluded, “primarily promotes Democratic interests” and not black ones, she argued, including hurting the community by supporting minimum wage.

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Wright noted that there were “serious questions about if their membership feels the same way,” and Riley agreed that there were many members who did not, but “Democrats are concerned the black support for Obama will not be what it was in 2008.” Answering why the NAACP would jump into the same-sex marriage fray, Riley argued that it was, in essence, “done on behalf of Democrats.” Thought it was particularly running against those “members of the NAACP who tend to be older churchgoing folk that are most opposed to gay marriage.”

Riley aded that “the NAACP, for the past 30, 40 years, have been primarily promoted Democratic interests,” “whether you’re talking about education or the economy and jobs.” He cited the opposition to school choice as once example, and minimum wage laws as the other, despite “study after study show[ing] disproportionately harm black workers.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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