Fox News Guest on Why Florida Shooter Wasn’t Stopped: ‘The FBI Haven’t Been Doing Real Police Work’

It has been reported that Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz had numerous run ins with local police the past several years, leaving pundits to wonder why law enforcement didn’t apprehend the 19-year-old before he — according to authorities — killed 17 people and injured many more.

Fox News and the gang over at Outnumbered have been beating that drum pretty hard today, with panelist Lawrence Jones actually accusing the FBI of not doing “real police work.”

It all started when host Melissa Francis got ahold of a recent FBI statement that indicated that someone close to Cruz had contacted an anonymous tip line to voice concerns about the 19-year-old.

Still, the host noted, Cruz was the school shooting in Parkland.

“Under established protocols, this information provided by the caller should have been assessed, ya think?” She said.

“They gotta do their job,” Jones chimed in, translating the statement to “We realized that we messed up on this, just like numerous other occasions. Just like Garland, Texas. Just like all these other terror attacks.”

He went on to say the FBI “did not follow evidence.”

“Guess what?” He asked. “The FBI haven’t been doing real police work.”

Fox Business Network host Lisa Kennedy agreed with Jones, shredding the FBI for missing numerous calls to action regarding Cruz.

“How many boxes do you have to check? What more does the FBI need?” She asked, translating the FBI statement to “blah, blah, blah.”

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