Fox News Guest Steamrolled By Kennedy’s Fervor for Investigating Hillary Clinton: ‘You Like Pointing and Yelling at Me’

An already heated debate on Fox News’ Outnumbered ended up in a shouting match, as the show hosts piled on a guest for not caring enough about investigating former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s email. COO of UBS Investment Bank Robert Wolf, the day’s #OneLuckyGuy, ended up asking the hosts to tone it down.

“Don’t you want to know what happened? What would be wrong with a foreign and wide look at what was going on with that top secret server situation with Hillary Clinton?” asked Harris Faulkner.

Wolf said he was okay with the FBI and Department of Justice investigating Clinton while she was state secretary, but since it is no longer relevant, it is a waste of time.

Kennedy snapped at Wolf that he was simply spewing “talking points,” and argued it is still relevant because the FBI agents who were around during Clinton’s email scandal happened are still around.

“They were also witnesses. They were also there at the FBI” Kennedy said, as Faulkner tried to calm her down.

“I know you like pointing and yelling at me,” said a frustrated Wolf, who couldn’t seem to get a word out during Kennedy’s rant.

“It’s wrong on all levels,” she insisted.

Wolf clarified that his earlier statement was merely his personal opinion.

“I think you didn’t hear,” he said. “I said I have no issue with the FBI and department of justice taking it on. I said come personally speaking — this is my opinion — I don’t really care about it. That’s all I said.”

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