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Fox News Guest Wowed By ‘Energetic’ Joe Biden Rally: ‘That Was Excellent’

A Fox News guest said that 2020 Democratic challenger Joe Biden‘s speech was excellent and praised him for being “energetic.”

Emily Jashinsky from The Federalist made the remarks while speaking to Charles Payne about Biden’s appearance in Pittsburgh on Monday.

Jashinsky started off by agreeing that Biden had, indeed, shaken off the rust. Then, after noting his early media hits made her skeptical, she said this: “That was excellent. It was a good bid for the center, for some of the Democratic Trump voters.”

Then, noting some of the areas where he may have fallen a bit short, she added: “The problem is, it’s a pitch that would probably work very well in a general election against the president. But he has this primary hurdle to clear. And the progressive base is going to want to hear more about those things that he talked about, like a $15 minimum wage and less about how he’s looking back to how great the past was.”

She continued on: “He seemed energetic, he had his sleeves rolled up, it didn’t feel very scripted. I thought that was a good performance from Joe Biden even though it followed more mediocre performances.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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