Fox News Guests Rage Over New AP Style ‘Word Police’ Guidelines On Illegal Immigration

The AP’s controversial move to stop using the term “illegal immigrant” drew from fire Jim Pinkerton and Monica Crowley during a segment on today’s edition of Fox News Watch. Two were panned the move as political correctness gone wild.

Pinkerton trashed the move and tied it into the AP’s move away from using the term Islamist to describe Islamic radicals. Pinkerton, a contributing editor at The American Conservative, noted that even the head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, agrees with the usage of the term illegal immigrant.

“There’s a degree of dishonesty here. For example, the law calls people who are not here legally, illegal aliens, which is even worse, maybe, than illegal immigrants. That’s federal law which has not yet been changed,” said Pinkerton.

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Crowley was even more hostile to the move calling the AP “advocates” in their style change. “I have a real problem with the word police in any kind of context,” she said.

Liberal panelist Kirsten Powers was more receptive to the change and said she already refers to illegal immigrants as “undocumented.”

Judith Miller was open to the change. “Some labels are more perjorative than others,” she said.

Watch clip below via Fox.

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