Fox News’ Gutfeld: People Calling Fox News an ‘Engine of White Supremacy’ Are ‘Painting a Target on Us’


As Fox News’ The Five today discussed overheated rhetoric on the left, Greg Gutfeld mentioned recent commentary criticizing Fox News in the wake of the horrific mass shooting in El Paso.

The hosts blasted the protests outside Mitch McConnell‘s house and called out Joaquin Castro over a tweet today listing Trump donors in San Antonio, with Gutfeld saying “they are basically normalizing doxxing and intimidation tactics, and will they have blood on their hands?”

“There are people who are going to do this to you and to you — to us at some point. Because we will be demonized,” he added.

More directly, minutes later in the segment, Gutfeld elaborated:

“Places like Media Matters, and there was another guy… Dan Pfeiffer. These are people and groups who are saying that Fox News… is actually an engine of white supremacy. So what they’re doing is painting a target on us. And I saw Joey Jones on Twitter basically saying that he is going to have to sit at his house and protect his family. And he’s going to hope that this expanding target of demonization doesn’t end up sending somebody crazy to his house.”

Media Matters called out Fox in a piece yesterday on the El Paso shooter’s manifesto headlined “You don’t need to read the El Paso killer’s manifesto. Just turn on Fox News.” Pfeiffer, former Obama White House senior advisor and one of the Pod Save America hosts, shared it and tweeted, “If you work for Fox News, advertise on Fox News, or support Fox News in any way, you are enabling the spread of White Nationalism in America and probably making a pretty penny doing so.”

Retired Marine and Fox News contributor Joey Jones responded, “No Dan. I’m not. You, however, are instigating public hate towards me and my colleagues.”

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