Fox News’ Hannity Takes Heat From Napolitano on Cohen: ‘He Can’t Have It Both Ways’

Following the revelation that Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s secret third client was none other than Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Hannity has claimed Cohen has never represented him in any legal matters and he only asked Cohen for some legal advice on occasion. While denying he was a client of Cohen’s, Hannity has said he assumed his conversations with Cohen were protected by attorney-client privilege.

It would appear that one of Hannity’s Fox colleagues isn’t buying what Sean is selling.

Appearing on Outnumbered Overtime this afternoon, Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano was asked by host Harris Faulkner why the public needed to know the names of Cohen’s other clients. Napolitano explained that it was because the government told the court Cohen only had one client but Cohen’s attorney stated the Trump lawyer had multiple clients, leading to the disclosure of Hannity’s name in court.

Faulkner then questioned how Hannity could say isn’t a client but still claim attorney-client privileges.

“I love him,” the judge replied. “I worked with him for 20 years. He can’t have it both ways. If he was a client, then his confidential communications to Mr. Cohen are privileged. If Mr. Cohen was never his lawyer, then nothing that he said to Mr. Cohen is privileged.”

Napolitano added that it was “a myth” that if you give an attorney $10 — as Hannity has said he may have done with Cohen — it creates an attorney-client privilege, stating it “requires formal relationship reduced to writing for a specific legal purpose.”

“So anything that is there regarding Sean Hannity can be revealed?” Faulkner asked.

“In my view, yes,” Napolitano answered.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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