Fox News’ Harris Faulkner to Lara Trump: The President’s Tweets Are a Problem For Women


Fox News’ Harris Faulkner welcomed President Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump to her show this afternoon and wanted to see what her plans were to combat the president’s challenges among women voters.

And what are those challenges, according to Faulkner? Apparently, his tweets — and some other stuff.

Hours after speaking to another Fox host and telling her how inappropriate it was for NBC to ask White House senior advisor Ivanka Trump about the president’s alleged sexual misconduct, Lara Trump was pressed by Faulkner to reveal the Trump 2020 campaign plans to deal with potential issues POTUS may have with women. (Lara is a campaign advisor and hosts Real News Update, a weekly webcast supporting the president’s campaign.)

Interestingly, though, Faulkner didn’t mention the sexual assault and harassment accusations made against Trump nor the recent news surrounding his alleged affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels, instead skirting those topics — to focus on his tweeting habits.

“There are going to be challenges ahead,” the Fox News host said. “We saw it with President Trump — then-candidate — and you and I talked as you were with the Women for Trump. There were challenges among women.”

Faulkner continued, “We are finding out women of all ages who are of a certain education level through college have some challenge points with the president tweeting and that sort of thing. What are your plans moving forward?”

Lara Trump, after acknowledging that today is International Women’s Day, indicated that women may be silently supporting President Trump and just not being vocal about it because they “get a lot of flak for it.”

“I think when they get in the voting booth and no one is looking and they think about the fact they have more money in their pockets thanks to the tax cuts,” Ms. Trump noted. “And they are back to work or their husband’s back to work or their kids are back to work right now thanks to our president.”

Lara Trump then went on to say there was no more ISIS and that is what women are concerned about, which is why they will come out and vote for Trump.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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