Fox News’ Harris Faulkner Is Confused Why Tillerson’s Ouster ‘Such a Big Deal’: Reagan Did It


The huge blockbuster news taking up most of the media space today has been the President Donald Trump‘s announcement that he was firing Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and replacing him with CIA Director Mike Pompeo. After that news broke, a State Department spokesperson said that Tillerson hadn’t been personally contacted by Trump, was unaware why he was being fired and that he first learned of his ouster via Trump’s tweet. (That spokesperson was subsequently canned by the White House.)

Obviously, this was all an absolutely stunning and major news story, especially in the hours after it all broke. The way one Fox News host sees it, however, this seems kinda meh since secretaries of state have been fired before and maybe the mainstream media should pump its brakes a little.

Speaking with former Assistant Secretary of State Robert Charles, Harris Faulkner noted that former President Ronald Reagan also fired a secretary of state when Al Haig resigned in 1982 and Reagan brought in George Schultz to fill the post. Schultz would go on to serve as SoS for the remainder of Reagan’s administration.

“Can I ask you too as we kind of look back, I don’t remember it and you can correct me, being such a big deal when a former president did this in the 1980s and fired his secretary of state,” Faulkner declared. “Why does Trump get so much pushback in the media over this? Am I wrong about that?”

Charles went on to tell Faulker she was “wrong in a way” but also “right that we are witnessing a unique targeting of this president.” He added that Trump is trying to “lead boldly,” comparing POTUS to Reagan and Winston Churchill.

“Robert Charles, you did what my husband did,” Faulkner concluded. “He tells me I’m wrong but then I’m right.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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