Fox News Host Ainsley Earhardt: ‘We Can’t Trust the FBI’

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt suggested that Americans “can’t trust the FBI” after highlighting a Fox News poll that found a majority of respondents believe the agency may have broken the law to launch the Mueller investigation.

“There was a Fox News poll how agencies like the FBI broke the law to investigate President [Donald] Trump. Look at that — 58 percent said extremely, very, or somewhat, and only 31 percent said not at all,” Earhardt said on Fox & Friends this morning.

“That’s pretty scary, that we can’t trust the FBI,” she added. “I’m not saying anything about the field officers. We know there are a lot of amazing people who work for the FBI as investigators.”

While commenting on a recent report on former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan both accusing the other of pushing for the inclusion of the Steele dossier in their IC assessment, Earhardt said, “I think they’re just trying to get ahead of it because they are nervous they’re nervous their names are going to be on the Horowitz report.”

“Their name is going to be on the it,” she continued — referencing Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz investigation into alleged FISA abuses.

Watch the clip above, Fox News.

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