Fox News Host Bill Hemmer: ‘I Can’t Believe I’m Defending Bill Maher!’

Looks like Bill Maher found a defender in an unlikely place: Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

The Fox anchor surprised himself Monday morning by agreeing with Bill Maher over Dazed & Confused star Ben Affleck in their clash over the nature of Islam, and was outnumbered in his interpretation by his two (ideologically opposed) guests.

Hemmer thought that Maher was singling out Muslim extremists, and rejected the equivalence brought up by his guests between prior Christian atrocities and current Muslim ones. “You guys are missing the point,” Hemmer said. “He’s arguing about 2014. Often times people will go back and say, yeah but the Christians and Crusarders were bad, too. We got it, 600 years ago. But in 2014?”

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“He indicted one billion Muslims!” Democratic strategist Bernard Whitman objected.

“Who did? I can’t believe I’m defending Bill Maher here!” Hemmer said. “He talked about radical Islam.”

“No, he said it’s the only religion where the mafia will f-ing kill you,” Whitman said. “That is defamatory, racist, and disgusting.”

“If the argument that [Maher] was trying to make that there are extremists who we should focus on and treat differently than the majority of those who practice Islam, then that was very poorly conveyed,” said GOP pollster Tyler Harper, much to Hemmer’s dismay.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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