Fox News Host Confronts Gorka For Undercutting Tillerson: ‘Forget Backstabbing,’ You ‘Frontstabbed’ Him


In an interview with the BBC earlier today, White House deputy advisor Seb Gorka seemed to completely undermine Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on North Korea, claiming that it was “simply nonsensical” for Tillerson to speak on military matters.

As one would imagine, Gorka’s comments created a bit of a stir. The State Department pushed back, stating that Tillerson “carries a big stick.” And, during an interview on Fox News this afternoon, substitute host Liz Claman pressed Gorka to explain his remarks, leading to a pretty uncomfortable few minutes for the ex-Breitbart editor.

After Claman brought up the BBC interview, Gorka immediately responded that he “never said that” and it was “fake news 101.” When Claman noted that there is audio of the conversation, he said he had the audio too and that he was denying that he said it was inappropriate for Tillerson to tell the American people to calm down.

With Gorka using the “fake news” excuse again, Claman moved onto the State Department’s reaction, playing a clip from today’s press briefing. She then confronted Gorka over the whole brouhaha:

“Sebastian, you know this is going to be all over the papers and whether you had the exact meaning that people have now interpreted it as, it looks like to some people, it looks like — forget backstabbing, that you frontstabbed the secretary of state and, you know, people look at that and say who was he to admonish the process.”

Gorka came back with another round of “fake news” complaints before offering up some compliments for Tillerson and the administration as a whole.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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