Fox News Host Credits Russia With Trump’s 2016 Win: They ‘Cost’ Dems an Election (UPDATE)


President Donald Trump has bristled at the idea that Russian interference helped win him the 2016 election. But no matter how hard the President tried to convince the electorate otherwise, one Fox News host believes that Russia did indeed help secure his victory.

During a debate about Russia on Wednesday’s edition of Outnumbered, co-host Melissa Francis stated her view that Russian meddling was a decisive factor in 2016. She made the point after colleague Lisa Boothe argued that Democrats don’t actually care about Russia — and that they’re just using the issue to get to the President.

“This is about harming and tarring President Trump,” Boothe said. “So let’s at least be honest about that.”

That was when Francis stated that Russia put its thumb on the scale.

“I think [Democrats] care about Russia now,” Francis replied. “Because it cost them an election. Don’t you think they care now?”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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UPDATE: Francis has addressed this clip on Twitter.

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