comScore Fox's Charles Payne Describes Armed Militia Kidnapping Migrants as 'Ordinary Citizens' Just 'Trying to Help Out'

Fox Host Describes Armed Militia Kidnapping Migrants as ‘Ordinary Citizens’ Just ‘Trying to Help Out’

Fox Business host Charles Payne, appearing on Fox News, gave a charitable description of the motivations behind an armed right-wing militia detaining migrants on the U.S. southern border.

Larry Hopkins — the leader of the United Constitutional Patriots with an extensive criminal record — was arrested by the FBI and charged with illegal firearm possession by a felon. After his arrest, Hopkins reportedly told the FBI he has been training his group to assassinate former president Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and others.

Hopkins was also accused of illegally detaining migrants near the New Mexico border. The group has defended their actions before by saying they’re trying to lighten the load for Border Patrol, but they’ve also drawn condemnation from those describing them as vigilantes essentially kidnapping people at gunpoint.

Payne mostly glossed over the allegations against Hopkins in his coverage, asking his guest — Yuma Border Patrol Sector Deputy Chief Carl Landrum — whether border patrol is “so overwhelmed that ordinary citizens feel the need to step in?”

“What would you tell [the militia]?” Payne asked. “It’s apparent to the world that we’ve got a crisis down there and they’re trying to help out.”

Landrum responded by telling Payne that Customs and Border Protection “does not endorse this type of activity by any private group or organization.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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