Fox News Host: ‘Funny’ That Trump Takes Credit For Good Economy, But Not the Bad


The Holiday-break Outnumbered cast provided a fresh new perspective on a number of topics on Friday. And when the issue turned to the rollercoaster stock market — in context of the Trump administration — former Specialist Kat Timpf offered a unique take that marks her iconoclastic career at Fox News.

Guest host Rachel Campos-Duffy, noting that President Donald Trump “has been bragging about the economy for the last couple of years” before the recent slide,” asked whether he should take the blame if things get worse.

Timpf dryly replied, “it’s interesting that he’s very willing to take the credit but he’s not addressing the blame. I think we all need to agree that that is kind of funny, I suppose.”

She then added, “because it was completely up to President Trump, this is why the market is doing so well.”

Former pro wrestling figure and Fox Nation contributor Tyrus chuckled at Timpf’s commentary.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

UPDATE! Timpf clarifies the point she was making via Twitter:

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