Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Takes Shot at ‘Lowly Bloggers’ in Defense of Seth Rich-Truther Scott Adams


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld defended Scott Adams — the Dilbert creator-turned-pro-Trump conspiracy theorist and men’s rights activist — claiming on The Five that the comic strip author was a victim of “slander and demonization” from the media.

While Adams is best known for authoring the office-set comic Dilbert, he has become prominent in internet right-wing circles since the 2016 presidential election by voicing his support for Donald Trump.

He isn’t just a typical conservative, though.

Adams has appeared on the conspiracy site Infowars numerous times; claimed Hillary Clinton was “likely to trigger a race war” with her rhetoric about Trump, making Adams a “top-ten assassination target”; repeatedly pushed the Seth Rich conspiracy; and said “women are treated differently by society for exactly the same reason that children and the mentally handicapped are treated differently. It’s just easier this way for everyone.”

To sum-up: He’s a man whose sad descent from brilliant cartoonist to loon who live-streams ridiculous “expanding-brain” theories on Twitter is apparently lost on Gutfeld — who felt the need to defend him from “slander and demonization by the modern left.”

Gutfeld’s defense of Adams came on Tuesday, a day after he deployed an astounding quantity of adjectives to fawn over Kanye West for standing up to the “thought police” who want to “suppress freedom.” (That soliloquy came from a Fox host who is not typically a fan of celebrities talking politics.)

“It’s happening to Scott Adams because Kanye tweeted about him,” said The Five host, referencing the numerous videos West tweeted of Adams discussing the rapper’s newly discovered right-wing views.

“BuzzFeed, Mediaite, Business Insider will assign some lowly blogger to write some smear about him,” added Gutfeld. “The new morality is not church, it’s not religion, it’s the media mob.”

Essentially, The Five host is arguing that Adams is a normal person with reasonable views and the media criticisms of him are a baseless witch hunt. But Gutfeld didn’t acknowledge the absurd claims Adams has made, like his belief that the Clintons are connected to the murder of late DNC staffer Seth Rich — an insane conspiracy theory that Gutfeld should know well, given Fox News’ role in pushing it.

Maybe a lowly Fox News producer can inform Gutfeld the next time he chooses to promote a misogynistic conspiracy theorist.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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