Fox News Host Hails Trump as the ‘Ultimate Dealmaker’ For Border Wall Showdown: ‘Let Him Do His Magic’


Fox News contributor Morgan Ortagus hailed President Donald Trump on Friday as the “ultimate dealmaker” who can find a solution with Democrats to fund his border wall.

“We have the dealmaker in chief,” Ortagus said on Outnumbered. “So why don’t we have the guy who is getting Kim Jong Un and all of these people to the table –”

“Well…” Jessica Tarlov jumped in.

“Let me finish, whether you agree with me or not,” Ortagus continued. “We have the ultimate dealmaker. He can support and say, ‘I’m willing to put a number of things on the table.’ Maybe it’s DACA, maybe it’s something else.”

“He can hold up a big shiny apple or something that doesn’t have to do with immigration,” she said. “There are a number of options for the president to make a deal here.”

“Let him do his magic,” she added.

We all know Trump is the master dealmaker — after all, his name is on the front of novelty book The Art of the Deal, and he was the host of reality TV show The Apprentice — which is why it’s so confusing President Deals seems incapable of getting a dime of funding for his big beautiful wall.

The president’s master negotiations have been on display this week. After saying on live television he would take the blame for a government shutdown, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) went ahead and passed a short-term funding bill through the Senate that didn’t include wall funding.

But then Trump’s loudest supporters — from Ann Coulter to Rush Limbaugh to Fox News opinionators — lost their minds. Trump caved on caving, and sent out Paul Ryan to tell reporters that he wouldn’t sign a bill that didn’t include funding for “border security.” That set up a last minute showdown on the budget, with a deadline of midnight Friday. It’s unlikely a bill that includes border wall funding will make it through the Senate, given lack of support from Democrats. Will the master dealmaker pull off a Christmas miracle? We’ll see.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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