Fox News Host Points Out Trump Once Rejected ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants Just Like He Rejected ‘Send Her Back’


Fox News Host Guy Benson pointed out that though President Donald Trump has rejected the “send her back” chants from his last rally, he once rejected “lock her up” chants too, before they became a central slogan of his campaign.

“He is the only person in the country, literally, with the power to put a stop to this type of stuff among his own supporters,” said Benson of the rally chants.

“He did make similar noises in 2016 over “lock her up,” that chant, which is not as nearly as bad as…Then said ‘Oh, I didn’t like it and I disagree,'” said Benson. “I hope if this comes up again, which fingers crossed it will not come up again but if it does, he will intervene personally to put an end to it.”

Outnumbered host Melissa Francis said that Trump’s disavowal of the chant Thursday is a “moral equivalent of an apology” for the President, because “he doesn’t do that.”

Fox News host Carley Shimkus said that the president “took a step back” with his tweet early Friday:

“I know he’s trying to make a comparison between the way media treats him and the Democrats. But saying they became crazed implies that he doesn’t understand why it was so bad,” said Shimkus.

Fox News commentator Capri Cafaro added that his apology was absolutely a strategic move, otherwise “he would have tweeted it out on the tarmac in North Carolina that he didn’t like it rather than wait another day.”

Benson concluded by flipping back to defending Trump. “The point that he’s making about the media is true… The point is there’s not similarly paid attention paid to Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib making bigoted remarks about the Jewish people.”


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