Fox News Host: President Got Away With Sexual Misconduct Because Own Party Never Held Him Accountable


Guess what? Fox News’ Outnumbered criticized a president for his sexual transgressions today and said that his political party failed to punish him or demand accountability.

While this development might shock the living bejeebers out of you, we should probably let you know that they’re not talking about Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

The Fox News talk show used a portion of their time on Tuesday to talk about Bill Clinton‘s negative media coverage after poorly answering questions about whether he should’ve handled things differently with Monica Lewinsky. The ladies were joined by Mike Huckabee, who took time off from being the world’s lamest online comedian to fill in as today’s #OneLuckyGuy.

“When all this happened back in the 90s, there is not a #MeToo movement. Men were getting away with this kind of nonsense,” Huckabee said of the former president who — like him — once served as Arkansas governor. “The fact that he got away with it with President of the United States, taking advantage of a 22-year-old kid…I feel extraordinarily bad for how her life was ruined by a person who took his power and position and abused her.”

The rest of the panel joined in to condemn the former president over his inability to personally apologize to Lewinsky over their infamous affair. Katie Pavlich particularly got in on this, slamming the former president while remarking that Democrats and feminists failed to sufficiently condemn Clinton when his scandal rocked the nation during the 90s.

“He has never been held accountable for this before. For decades, the Democratic Party has been embracing him, emboldening him, propping him up as a champion of women’s rights, all of this in the background…This has been justified for the Democratic Party on a strategic and an establishment level for years. It was no surprise that he is affronted by this because he has never had to answer these questions from inside his own party.”

Hmm, why does this line of conversation sound like something we’ve heard from Outnumbered before? Such a strange feeling of deja vu.

The discussion continued with talks about how badly the Lewinsky affair hurt Hillary Clinton in 2016 — though Marie Harf noted that Trump has been accused of multiple incidents of sexual misconduct as well.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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