Fox News Anchor Pushes Back on Ben Carson’s Defense of Trump: What Does ‘Go Back to Your Country’ Mean?


Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson on Fox News argued that President Donald Trump is not a racist by pointing to unemployment numbers.

“Did you view the president’s words, the president’s tweets as racist?” Fox News anchor Sandra Smith asked Carson Wednesday on America’s Newsroom.

“Well, you know, I have an advantage of knowing the president very well, and he’s not a racist and his comments are not racist. But he loves the country very much and, you know, he has a feeling that those that represent the country should love it as well,” Carson responded.

“Three of those congresswomen are born in the U.S., they are all-American citizens, Mr. Secretary,” said Smith. “The president suggested that ‘they can about back to their countries’ so that they can go wherever they want, but didn’t name any of those countries away. What did the president mean? Because he’s not taking back going he said.”

“Well, I think you can see what the president means by look at his accomplishment. Look at his policies, you know, under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats,” said Carson. “You see low unemployment, you know, record-low for blacks, hispanics, you know, for all the the demographics for our nation.”

“What’s happening in some of these places is just as astonishing and talking to some of those people there I go around and listen to what they have to say. And they are astonished. They say I didn’t think this could ever happen. This could never happen for me,” Carson said.

Carson said the president signed an Executive Order to establish a council to eliminate borders to affordable housing. “Who’s going to benefit for that? So when you have someone who’s spending much time and effort, trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society.”

He then said that we need to pay more attention to what the president is doing rather than what anybody is saying.

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