Fox News Host Scolds Guest For Saying Network Has Worsened Dialogue on Immigration: ‘Outrageous’

Fox News’ Melissa Francis mixed it up with a guest today on Outnumbered Overtime when he took issue with how the network has supposedly poisoned immigration policy discussions with their coverage.

Immigration lawyer and former federal prosecutor Michael Wildes joined Francis today to discuss how Attorney General Jeff Sessions is sending more judicial officials to the border to address the immigration process and political asylum laws.

Wildes argued that the Justice Department is not dealing with illegal immigration in a fair way, but Francis pressed him on why not put more resources into the process, especially when aspiring migrants are competing with migrant caravans and advocacy groups.

“The merits of why they’re coming here is something that needs to be heard in court,” Francis said. “I don’t think anybody argues if you’re truly in jeopardy, we want to open the country to you. But that’s not what it looks like. As you’re coming with a group that’s called Nations Without Borders…they’re making a political point as opposed to trying to help people.”

From there, Wildes complained that “the dialogue on immigration has deteriorated, and unfortunately the media, particularly this network, has a lot to do with that.

“It’s our fault?” Francis objected.

“You’re not contributing to the amelioration of the problem,” Wildes said. “The truth is, you’re right, we should be looking…”

“We’re trying to have a discussion about what’s going on at the border,” Francis countered again.

As Wildes tried to make his point, Francis chastised him for taking too long and eventually said this:

“These people don’t get to shove to the front of the people who need it and to blame our network for that is outrageous. We are having a candid conversation where others are doing pictures and being emotional about it. We’re trying to talk about the real facts behind it.”

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