Fox News Host Shocked By Trump’s Threat to Release ISIS Fighters Into the Streets: ‘Am I Taking Hallucinogenic Drugs!?’

Fox News pundit Guy Benson was shocked by President Donald Trump’s threat to release captured ISIS terrorists into the streets of Europe, so much so that he was compelled to ask his fellow Outnumbered hosts if he was on drugs.

“You looked befuddled, what’s happening?” Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner asked Benson after Trump’s joint press conference with the Australian prime minister.

“I’m still trying to unpack his answer about ISIS,” Benson replied. “He’s saying we don’t want to take on the expense of housing these captured fighters, thousands of them, these terrorists, indefinitely. So he wants Europe’s help. Fine.”

“But he said earlier today that if they don’t give that help then he’s going to release ISIS fighters at the border somewhere and let them go,” Benson continued, stunned. “Am I taking hallucinogenic drugs or is that insane?!”

Faulkner attempted to explain Trump’s comments. “If nobody takes them, then he’ll recapture,” she reasoned.

Trump’s remarks about flooding the streets of Europe with ISIS fighters were made Friday morning from the Oval Office:

Here’s a transcript, with emphasis added:

“Now we have thousands of prisoners of war. ISIS fighters who are prisoners of war. And we’re asking the countries from which they came, from Europe, we’re asking them to take back these prisoners of war. And they can try them, do what they want. So far they’ve refused. And at some point I’m going to have to say I’m sorry, but you either take them back or we’re going to let them go at your border… Now I want the countries to take back the captured ISIS fighters. And if they don’t take them back we’re going to probably put them at the border and then they’ll have to capture them again.”

“I would love some follow-ups on what he’s talking about there,” Benson said. “I don’t think you beat the Caliphate and then make threats to Europe to just release the people who were defending the Caliphate.”

Fox Business host Elizabeth MacDonald said Trump’s comments were just an empty threat.

“I don’t think he’s going to release ISIS at the border in any country. I don’t think anybody would do that,” she said.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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