Fox News Host Suggests WH Leaks Are Strategic: Media Is ‘Not Talking About Stormy Daniels as Much’


As the White House drama over an aide’s John McCain comment continues, Fox Business host Dagen McDowell says Donald Trump might be allowing the commotion to dominate the media and overshadow the other distractions hanging over his presidency.

McDowell was on Outnumbered today, and the ladies talked with Bret Baier about the Trump Administration’s renewed war on leakers. As Baier noted that the White House apparently has no interest in addressing Kelly Sadler‘s objectionable comments, the panel also discussed the reports saying White House staffers use leaks to undermine their rivals and score internal wins.

When McDowell addressed Sadler’s “hateful” comments about McCain, she said there could be “a method to this madness” since the episode has taken focus away from other thorns in Trump’s side.

“The media’s not talking about Stormy Daniels as much,” McDowell observed.

The conversation remained gravitated around the “hostile work environment” leakers have create by disclosing private White House conversations to reporters, even if Sadler’s comments were indefensible.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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