Fox News Host: The Biden White House ‘Should Be Thanking Republicans’ For ‘Transparent Process’ In Revving Up To Impeach Him


Fox News host Emily Compagno claimed the White House should be thanking Republicans for the “transparent process” against President Joe Biden.

During a Wednesday segment on Outnumbered, the pane discussed the recent develops with Speaker Kevin McCarthy fast forwarding the impeachment process by launching an official inquiry earlier this week.

Compagno compared the news to the impeachment efforts led by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi against former President Donald Trump, claiming Republicans are being more fair and transparent now than Democrats were then, and that Biden should be grateful for it.

Republicans are Capitol Hill have demanded for months to move forward with impeaching Biden over his family’s foreign business dealings.

“The White House says there’s nothing to see here. There’s zero evidence. But they have stymied the investigation into what could be uncovering that evidence,” Compagno noted. “Pelosi just launched an impeachment without even a vote. Here we have the pre step to the precursor to the investigation. And yet that is a source of outrage.”

She added, “The White House should be thanking Republicans for their methodical, accountable, transparent process into this administration and thank them for the fairness that they did not have for the GOP two years ago.”

However, McCarthy on Wednesday was met with a split Republican caucus when he discussed the impeachment inquiry to them behind closed doors. Some GOP lawmakers fear the there may be consequences for them at the ballot box if the impeachment investigation does not show concrete evidence of wrongdoing from Biden.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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